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London Skye Global Literacy – Branding Board

London Skye Cute Branding Board

While building a branding board as a graphic designer, when you hear the words “sparkle” “pastel rainbows” or “cute pink glasses” when you’re collaborating to kickstart an upcoming non-profit, your eyes turn to saucers. This opportunity doesn’t come very often, but it did and, and boy, did we do it! While brainstorming for this new organization, I had a dream for their brand identity to capture all of the sweet, wondrous elements of childhood and reading such as literature, rainbows and sparkles, imagination – a little bit of business, and a lot of London. Fun typography was crucial for this project, and we made sure to go full “bam” with the dual letterheads and elements such as icons, color scheme, and social media templates. If you think the branding is cute, the website is even more fun. Honestly, this branding board took me back to my youth and made me want to whip out my Junie B. Jones books, and that’s my goal for everyone else as well.

The London Skye Global Literacy is a non-profit organization focusing on enabling literary opportunities for youth. Through reading intervention, scholarships, book donations, and more, their mission will soar hand in hand with their daughter London’s fierce love of reading and books. If you’d like to be involved or donate, please check out their website linked above and show some love.