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Unveiling Our Latest Web Design Project for Children’s Literacy: London Skye Global Literacy

London Skye Global Literacy Columbus Georgia Web Design

When we determined the scope for this web design project, I immediately knew it was a good fit. The founders of London Skye Global Literacy wanted this website and branding to encompass their daughter, London… every designers dream project! Pink, sparkles, rainbows, pastels, you name it! When you visit this website, you not only learn about all of the amazing opportunities LSGL enables, but truly get a feel for who London was and what the organization represents.

London Skye Global Literacy is a non-profit organization focusing on enabling literary opportunities for youth. Through reading intervention, scholarships, book donations, and more, their mission will soar hand in hand with their daughter London’s fierce love of reading and books. If you’d like to be involved or donate, please check out their website linked above and show some love.

The website design revolves around the theme of unlocking the doors to knowledge. Vibrant colors and whimsical illustrations guide visitors through an intuitive navigation experience, making it accessible for parents, educators, and, most importantly, the young readers themselves. Engaging visuals and user-friendly features are seamlessly integrated to ensure an immersive and educational journey. Together, let’s empower the futures of these young minds, one page at a time!